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DMC Colour Chart Canvas(with colour shade square)

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Customized For Diamond Lovers

The Complete DMC Colour Chart!

The colour chart is designed and produced by Diamond Painting ZSJ team, and all designs are original.With the popularity of diamond paintings, more and more funs of ZSJ Diamond Painting hope they can have a complete DMC Colour Chart to help diamond painting works, now, we will grant your wish!!

Name: DMC Colour Chart

Material: diamond painting canvas

Size: 80cmx40cm

Packing: canvas, tool kit, double sides adhesive tape, box package

Style: The latest edition of the 2019

If you are a diamond painting lover, if you are interested in different colours, if you like to collect diamonds, if you want to have a more comprehensive understanding of the color of diamonds, You deserve our DMC Colour Chart! Even if you are a novice of diamond painting , you will be more worthy of our product to help you correspond to the right color, and complete each piece of work.

Our DMC Colour Chart is printed on the 80cmx40cm diamond painting canvas, which can be rolled, folded, waterproof, convenient to carry and collect. Our chart contains 447 colour numbers, each colour number corresponding to the shade area can be pasted with diamonds, both square diamonds and round diamonds.



Unfold the DMC Colour Chart, compare the colour number, find the colour shade area of the chart, cut the double-sided adhesive tape and paste diamonds on canvas, arrange your diamonds into 3 rows, 4 diamonds in each row, so you can paste 12 diamonds into each square colour shade.(Newest DMC canvas will print right colors in each blank square,to help you find the right colors quickly~





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